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TheraNow systems work in a simple yet complex process. Simple and quick as breeze for our users. However, to ensure a very secure and safe process, and thus abiding by all the laws and regulations, we have several complex stages in the process in the backend, providing best-in-class user experience.

How Online Physical Therapy Works

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After a thorough consultation and treatment, schedule for regular follow-ups


TheraNow offers an effective but economical alternative to traditional treatment for physical therapy patients. Some sessions cost even less than an insurance co-payment fee.

Visit Type Duration Visit Fee
Initial Evaluation 30 Minutes $99.99
Follow-up Visit 15 Minutes $49.99
Follow-up Visit with Different Provider 15 Minutes $49.99
First-Available Visit 30 Minutes $99.99
Additional Time Slot 15 Minutes $49.99


  1. Initial Evaluation – This 30-minute comprehensive evaluation and assessment is the necessary first step in designing a personalized course of treatment for a patient seeking online physical therapy services for any new problem or later recurrence of a previously resolved problem.
  2. Follow-up Visit – After the initial evaluation, the physical therapy provider will schedule a series of follow-up visits with the patient to assess progress and answer questions during the prescribed course of treatment.
  3. Follow-up Visit with a different Provider – At any point during treatment, the patient may choose to consult or follow up with another of our online physical therapists. The 15-minute follow-up visits with a different therapist will be filled at the same rate as the previously scheduled follow-up visits with the original physical therapy provider.
  4. First-Available Visit – First available visits are the evaluation visits where you do not choose your provider yourself but TheraNow assigns the provider with the earliest available appointment time-slot for you.
  5. Additional slot – During an ongoing treatment session, if it is felt that the evaluation/assessment or treatment will require more than the assigned time, you can pay for an additional slot of 15 minutes and continue with the session without having to disconnect or rejoin.

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